Why Exhibit?

As cities are becoming smarter, local authorities are showing more and more interest in how emerging technologies can transform urban life. This Smart Cities, Transforming Services Conference will connect senior leaders from key organisations across central and local government with solutions providers to promote partnerships, joint ventures and investment. Our practical case studies will explore how innovative solutions have enabled digital development in smart cities and will offer rich content for discussion between the public and private sector.

Who will you meet?

A unique opportunity to interact with a delegation of great quality and quantity, the event offers significant ROI through genuine business leads and the creation of new industry connections.

Job Titles:

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Heads of Economic Development
  • Heads of Sustainability
  • Heads of Planning
  • Heads of Transport
  • Heads of Innovation
  • e-government leads
  • Heads of Inward Investment
  • Heads of Growth and Regeneration
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) for Building, Housing, Manufacturing, Transportation, Energy
  • Councillors
  • Local Authority officials
  • Development Managers
  • Heads of Planning
  • Project and Programme Managers
  • Heads of Research and Innovation
  • Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Strategic Directors
  • Head of Sustainability
  • Data scientists
  • Data analysts
  • Data procurement managers
  • Data quality/governance manager
  • Open Data Managers
  • GDPR Directors
  • ICT Directors
  • Digital, Data and Information Officers
  • Network and Cloud Architects
  • Energy Managers


  • Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
  • Department for Communities and Local Government
  • National Audit Office
  • Crown Commercial Service
  • Department for Media and Culture
  • Department for International Trade
  • Independent Think Tanks
  • Local government
  • Planning Inspectorates
  • Cities and Local Growth Units
  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Local Growth Teams
  • Urban Regeneration and Planning Departments
  • Central Government
  • Local Authorities
  • Local Enterprise Partnerships
  • Higher Education
  • Health and Social Care
  • Transport
  • Voluntary and Private Sector.

Benefits of exhibiting or sponsoring

Engage with leaders and decision makers from across all areas of the public sector

Understand the latest policies and tailor your solutions to the needs of the sector

Demonstrate your products, services and solutions first-hand in a live environment

Meet with existing customers and gain access to a new range of potential clients

Generate fresh business leads, create new connections, and deliver proven ROI

Conduct face-to-face meetings with a highly targeted and engaged audience