By adopting spirited debate as a central ethos, GovNet Communications has established itself as one the UK’s leading publishers and event organisers in the public sector.

Since its inception 16 years ago, GovNet has produced vital industry magazines and hosted key note conferences to the highest standards due their unparalleled industry access and by building a platform to encourage industry insiders and delegates to discuss issues in constructive ways.

GovNet believes that an in-depth knowledge of public sector workings is crucial in order to maximise productivity during an event. Its Event’s Division are experts in planning and conducting events in order to benefit all parties involved. It is this approach which has made it the leading name in UK public sector events organising.

Formal debate and informal discussions are used, where appropriate, to ensure GovNet events maintain their reputation as the most productive in the industry. Its acute attention to detail means it is able to guarantee smooth running events for public sector organisations, which might not otherwise have the time, funds or expertise to organise such events.

GovNet works with its partners to determine, develop and convey their key messages in a way which is powerful yet accessible to their audience.

The other branch of GovNet Communication’s operations is the publication of industry leading titles which display knowledge, opinion and insight to the highest standards.

Reporting on a wide scope of public sector activities including Defence, Education, Health and IT, the aim of each publication is to report insightful editorial and valid industry contributions from leading commentators and journalists, public sector insiders and specialist experts.

GovNet also gauges opinion from leading private sector businesses to better understand how the public sector is perceived by the wider business community.

GovNet Communications has an extensive track record as a magazine publisher of ABC audited titles. Each magazine is published quarterly in colour and on high-quality stock. Every page is clearly laid out, featuring deep insights into the people, organisations and government policies that affect your life.

By subscribing to its magazines or attending one of our keynote events, you will discover practical ideas to benefit your organisation.

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